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FAQ Sections

MDOS Consulting is an Ottawa-based IT Staffing and Consulting firm. We specialize in providing a range of services including Cyber Security, various IT roles including Technical Architecture, Project Management, Procurement, Communications, and HR Management for our clients. Most of our opportunities are geared towards seasoned professionals over 10 years of experience in the specified job category. Our main client is the Canadian Federal Government.

Understanding RFPs 

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a document initiated by a client that outlines their needs and requirements. Service providers like us prepare bid packages in response to the RFP to propose suitable candidates. Bid packages are scored based on the qualifications of the proposed candidates and the daily rate. The supplier with the best score, often the lowest rate, is awarded a contract.

A bid submission opportunity requires us to send a bid package to the client after receipt of an RFP. We then wait for our bid to be evaluated and the client will let us know if we have won the bid. A won contract is a contract that has been awarded after a successful bid submission. Won contract opportunities become available when the client needs a resource replacement or additional support. Our job postings by default are bid submissions; we will clearly state when an opportunity is for a won contract. 

  1. Understanding the RFP: We review the RFP documentation to understand the project requirements, scope, and evaluation criteria. 
  2. Identifying Key Criteria: We identify the key criteria our client is looking for in potential candidates, such as experience, expertise, capabilities, and past performance. 
  3. Developing a Sourcing Strategy and Candidate Identification: Based on the criteria, we develop a tailored sourcing strategy, leveraging various channels such as LinkedIn, our website, internal referrals, online platforms, and direct outreach. 
  4. Initial Screening: Candidates who meet the initial criteria undergo a screening process to assess their suitability for the project. 
  5. Selection: We select the most qualified individuals who align closely with the project requirements. 
  6. Proposal Preparation: We work with the selected candidate(s) to prepare a proposal package for the RFP. 
  7. Proposal Submission: With your consent, we submit the proposal to our client. 
  8. Proposal Evaluation: Received proposals are evaluated based on predetermined criteria such as compliance with RFP requirements, technical capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. The client may request interviews with the proposed candidate(s). 
  9. Award Notification: The successful proposal is chosen based on the client’s evaluation results, and we are notified of these results anywhere from 2-8 weeks after submission. 
  10. Onboarding: When we finalize the contract with our client, we will send you a contract and work with our client to begin onboarding. 

Payment and Taxes 

At the start of every month, candidates are required to provide us with an invoice and a client-signed timesheet for the previous month. Candidates on contract with us will receive payment on the 15th day of every month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment will be processed earlier on the last business day before the 15th.

Candidates are responsible for their own taxes. We do not withhold taxes from candidate payments, meaning we do not deduct CPP, EI, or taxes from your pay. Candidates are responsible for their own tax obligations. 

Yes, candidates are recommended to be incorporated. Incorporation provides certain legal and financial protections and may offer tax advantages. However, candidates should consult with a legal or tax professional to determine the best course of action for their specific circumstances.

Inquiries and Opportunities 

Candidates interested in working with MDOS Consulting can reach out to our recruitment team through the email listed on each specific opportunity or by emailing contactus@mdosconsulting.com . We regularly post project opportunities on our website and LinkedIn page and welcome inquiries from qualified candidates. 

We evaluate candidates based on their qualifications, experience, expertise, and alignment with the project requirements outlined in the RFP. Most of our clients are Federal Government agencies, so many opportunities are geared towards candidates with public sector experience. However, some opportunities do not require public sector experience but do require specific skill sets. We provide details about the qualifications, experience, and expertise needed for an opportunity when you express interest. 

Yes, we value building long-term relationships with talented professionals. Candidates who consistently demonstrate high performance and alignment with our values may be considered for future project opportunities and ongoing engagements. Most of our consultants have been with us for more than 5-10 years. 

Yes, candidates are encouraged to discuss compensation during the proposal preparation stage. Our team works collaboratively with candidates to ensure fair and mutually beneficial agreements are reached. We will work with you to determine a competitive financial rate as part of our bid package. 

Part-time positions may be available depending on project requirements and client needs. 

Some positions may require bilingual (English and French) language skills, while others may not. We will specify positions that require bilingual language skills. Most positions will be English only. 

The work location for each position will be specified in the RFP issued by the client. Details will be provided when you express interest in an opportunity. 

Yes, security clearance is typically needed for most of our positions as our main clients are federal government agencies and crown corporations. Many projects require candidates to possess the necessary security clearance level outlined in the RFP. We recommend having a valid security clearance as applications may take time to process. If you do not have a security clearance, we might be able to help you obtain one. If you hold a security clearance with another organization, we can help you duplicate it. 

Candidates can contact our recruitment team at contactus@mdosconsulting.com for any additional questions or assistance needed regarding project opportunities, application processes, or general inquiries. 

Specific Contract Details 

The contract start date may be specified in the RFP; this is not always the case. The official start date will be confirmed and communicated to you once a contract has been established. 

The contract end date may be specified in the RFP; this is not always the case. The official end date will be confirmed and communicated to you once a contract has been established.

The nature of the role, whether full-time or part-time, will be specified in the RFP. Details will be provided when you express interest in an opportunity. 

The work arrangement (remote, in-office, or hybrid) will be specified in the RFP. Details will be provided when you express interest in an opportunity.

The working hours for the role will be specified in the RFP. Details will be provided when you express interest in an opportunity. A working day is typically 7.5 hours unless otherwise specified in the RFP. Candidates are required to only bill for the time they spend performing work for the client.

Whether you can work multiple contracts simultaneously depends on the specific requirements of the project and client policies. You are required to ensure that you are meeting the requirements and only billing for time worked for each contract.

The provision of equipment will be specified in the RFP. Most clients will provide a laptop/tablet, while others may allow you to use your own equipment.

The requirement for travel will be specified in the RFP. Details will be provided when you express interest in an opportunity.